Located in Nevada, Tahoe Call Center is a small family-run business with a big heart, ready to help with your communication needs.  Since 2012 we have assisted clients coast to coast in varied economic and emergency climates: wild-fires, blizzards, ice storms, pandemics, and unforeseen events (with affordable, competitive pricing that didn’t add further trauma).

Rain or shine, short-staffed or no staff, we help keep your business going: Answering phones / taking messages / providing information / Taking credit card orders / collecting and transmitting confidential information via email, SMS, or API (linking with existing systems).  Our agents are trained to process sensitive information with courtesy, respect and maintain the strictest of confidence.  We also help with those intermittent overflow call surges during business hours and cover your customer inquiries when you are closed.  “Always here so you don’t have to be” – We help keep things running smoothly 24/7, 365 days a year.

March 2022 Blog: 17 M.Hines

I’m seeing small signs of spring here.  It comes later to our valley, but it does come -eventually.  The weather can’t seem to make up its mind; warm, mild days with clear blue skies one day, but just as many cold, blustery winds and cloudy overcast – even snow shower- days.  It is a nuisance time, a precarious time, a time of uncertainty.

My garden calls to me when the sunlight is golden, but I cannot respond to its siren-song, not yet. Instead, I appease my longing, my impatience by starting seeds in a sun porch that feels anything but warm and pray my efforts take root.  Surprisingly many do, and it brings some comfort watching the sprouts break through the soil to reach skyward, a sign that goodness is coming once again.  

Spring’s transition is that ‘last mile’ of winter before dreams are realized, and that new beginning where anticipation is assuaged. Warmer weather tempts us to awaken from our lethargic hibernation, teasing us with longer days, bird song, and scents of new life growing.  I have faith spring is coming, it’s just not arriving soon enough.

Spring toys with our concept and expectation of time which has been distorted away from the pace of nature. From fast food to streaming to social media that harnessed the ‘world is what you make it’ concept and carved out individual zones to file and separate us within facades of contentment. We have been surrounded, molded, and coerced through repetition and neatly packaged phrases all designed to convince us of what’s coming and exactly when.  It makes it easier to market people packaged into neat little groups removing the risk, uncertainty and guesswork. It is no longer necessary to communicate directly with or get to personally know your clientele once you’ve programmed them to react according to your bidding. 

I supposed my life has been more like spring than any other season.  I know this confession only conjures pictures of sunny days, pretty flowers, bunny rabbits, and all good things; a freshness and joy that others might envy.  That’s a natural assumption; it’s the description we’ve all been trained to associate with this season. But spring is more complex than platitudes and symbols, it can be more volatile and unpredictable, just like life. It is the ideal we long to see most, yet this season encompasses both goodness and hardship. Even the rabbits know to be wary during this precarious, fickle time of year. 

Humans by nature are similar to spring. We’re hard to ‘pin down’, many run hot and cold.  Happiness and comfort change quickly to anxiety and stress when storms threaten. We are resilient though, we press forward against the storms, pursuing the light of brighter days.

Cocooned through winter, spring offers an awakening, a transformation, an opportunity to be better.

This is not Nature’s first encounter with spring -the propagator of change and uncertainty.  Nature understands that creation is not instantaneous. Birth, like death, is a process that no amount of desire or marketing can rush.

Though each year may be different, spring perseveres and always completes its place in the cycle of seasons. Spring’s continuous renewal graces us with that most valuable and indestructible gift…