In Memorium

Today is a sad day. We lost one of our co-workers to Covid who passed suddenly and unexpectedly. It is not the first time we have lost a co-worker, but the reality of death and the loss it leaves doesn’t get any easier.  Death is a stunning, shocking, bewildering, tragedy -at any time. This loss was caused by something seemingly invisible, but so deadly –unleashed and rampant- interwoven within every corner of the world now- acknowledged or not.

Our co-worker was a wife, mother, daughter, sibling, aunt, cousin and beautiful soul. She was many different things to many people, but most importantly, she was a life and soul here with us, and she mattered.   She will be missed terribly by each in singularly, respective ways.  She leaves behind family members, friends and co-workers, but also her love to envelop, shelter, cushion the blow, comfort as it may, and help us deal with the acceptance and pain as we continue our journey. 

Grief cannot be rushed or raced through. It is a relentless road, but she will be there with us as we journey; traversing each step, holding our hand, drying our tears, filling that gaping hole with the lingering essence of her kindness and happier memories (when we are ready to receive them); listening to our moments of anger and rage, and waiting with a comforting balm of compassion provided by our Creator along with wisdom exceeding our understanding.

We will still miss, we will still mourn, we will cry when most and least expected. But she will wait, and love, and help us through to those moments –that will come- when we can remember her, breathe deep again and smile.