“Consider the Source” – Should you get vaccinated?


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Blog 12 – June 2021 M.Hines

In this contemporary twisting and weaving of truth and fiction to control or guarantee an outcome, is it even possible to get a clear and honest understanding of facts and truth about important issues?  Long before this corrupt practice became fashionable and commonplace, past teachers and professors hammered me with this advice: “Always, always, always consider the source.”  Had I followed their admonishment to the extreme I might have ended up a pessimist.  But the optimist in me won out.  Viewing things through a positive lense though doesn’t mean I’m gullible.  I have learned there is usually an “element of truth” in most things, but following my past instructor’s advice I’ve also learned to search for the source before leaping in support of one claim or another.

A little time, a little effort, but so much more clarity.  Spectrum plays a big role here.  Is what I read or heard:  ‘barely truthful, a little truthful, somewhat truthful, mostly truthful, absolutely truthful’…etc?  I rate claims and statements like those surveys we are asked to complete after making a purchase:  “Please rate your experience between one and five stars with five being most truthful and one being least truethful… etc.

  • Bittersweet
  • clearly misunderstood
  • deceptively honest
  • falsely true
  • openly deceptive
  • ill health
  • intense apathy
  • small crowd

https://www.thoughtco.com  lists some “Awfully Good” oxymoron examples.

Oxymorons are word combinations that take opposite concepts and join them together (some might say many marriages do the same). Logically, opposite concepts should cancel each other out, but within our accepted language, they are used to help us understand a point someone is making. Oxymorons can also be confusing; muddying messages instead of clarifying them.  Statements that are half-truths, (“deceptively honest”) are often used to bend or sway our opinions; to control our perspectives in everything from product claims and advertisements to the presentation of news, and in political statements.

More than just word phrases, Oxymoron ‘behaviors’ can be exhibited by humans as well, especially when it comes to things they find challenging such as Covid Vaccines and whether or not to get one.

What’s a ‘no-brainer’ for some has become a mind-numbing dilemma for others.  Those hesitant to get the Covid Vaccine, because they don’t trust the medical science behind the manufacture of it, would rather risk contracting a potentially life-threatening disease while at the same time believing that if they do, the same scientific medical system they are wary of will be able to save them. In other words, “I don’t trust the medical community that developed the vaccine to protect me from Covid, but I trust them to cure me if/when I get sick with Covid.”

Why would anyone wait for an accident to happen- with all the resulting damage to repair-  and hope all could be restored back to normal when there’s an easy way to avoid or mitigate the accident all together?  

Why would you risk contracting something harmful -disregard proven, scientific findings that can save you the damage- and base a life-changing decision on hearsay, unjustified fear, or rumor?

Contracting Covid (or some of the recent mutations and/or having to live with long-term after-effects) is not a pleasant experience; mild or serious case regardless.  It is a proven gamble of life or death increased for those with existing health conditions and/or where access to health care is inaccessible or refused.  Even some ‘healthy’ and ‘young’ individuals have succumbed to Covid’s quick-moving action. Suffocation is not a pleasant thing.  Most sane people would do anything to avoid drowning.

Surviving Covid’s initial attack may not be the end of a victim’s suffering. Recent medical evidence has shown many survivors have received permanent, severe damage and scarring to their lung tissue (https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/coronavirus/what-coronavirus-does-to-the-lungs). There are further recent concerns about potential long-term neurological damage (https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/the-hidden-long-term-cognitive-effects-of-covid-2020100821133).  It may be true that science knows less about Covid and its damage-short or long term- than it actually knows. Time and unfortunately further victims will provide more evidence. But what science does know to date is argument enough for logic and sanity: Covid is a virus.

Information from:  medicalnewstoday.com/articles/158179 tells us about viruses:

  1. Viruses are alive and exist only to reproduce
  2. Viruses will adapt to survive (they will mutate)
  3. Viruses are able to multiply within the living cells of a host (like parasites)
  4. Viruses vary in complexity  
  5. There is no cure for a virus, but vaccination can prevent them from spreading
  6. Viruses can affect living things differently (why a virus that affects a cat may not affect a dog, and why some people are affected more while others are affected less)
  7. Viruses are totally dependent on their host  ( This is why wearing a mask is SO important; we all have the potential to be ‘traveling hosts’ for any virus: Covid, the Flu, Common Cold, etc.)

While Science is still learning how Covid is spread, in general it is known that Viruses are spread through:

  1. Touch
  2. Exchanges of saliva, coughing or sneezing
  3. Sexual contact
  4. Contaminated food or water
  5. Insects can carry them from one person to another 

Numerous Scientific researchers have worked 24/7 this past year developing vaccines at record rates.  That sounds scary because we’ve understood it usually takes ‘Years and Years’ to develop vaccines.  But that is according to timelines established from past experience.  Research is a cumulative or building process. Each decade, medical advances and knowledge have increased at a faster pace because they had an established foundation to build on from previous discoveries. Results and answers are seen and found quicker now. So while it was challenging to find a vaccine in a shorter period of time, it wasn’t impossible.

Many people volunteered for vaccine safety trials. Furthering this wartime effort, American Taxpayers provided the funds for accelerated research and vaccine development. Without everyone’s selfless commitment we wouldn’t have the Covid vaccines we have today. With all the people that worked so hard to ensure a safe way to protect us, how can we not be grateful and advantage this protection? 

We have the opportunity to be part of the generation that defeated Covid; not only Nationwide but Worldwide.  We give as much to others as ourselves when we roll up our sleeves, extend our arms and receive this shot. The sooner we take this simple action, the sooner we all will be able to breathe free again; return to ways recognizable, rebuild our economy, society, enjoy and appreciate life.

“Consider the Source…”   There are always some who will capitalize or take advantage of anything seen as an opportunity to increase profit or power. They mislead to gather support and followers like sheep.  Such extreme individuals can be found throughout historic, and current times; left, right or center identification regardless. In our workplace, in the businesses we solicit, in our news and politics.  Each person’s or group’s messages are designed to push our emotional buttons hoping to play us like musical instruments performing in an orchestral support of their agendas.  The resulting cacophony creates so many conflicting messages it’s impossible to know what to listen to, validate or accept.  Masters of human nature know we will react before we think, and that’s the point.   Without a solid foundation of verified knowledge, we are unable to make any rational decisions, consider any source, or come to our own conclusions. 

  • Charismatic salespeople
  • Manipulators of fear
  • Motivational speakers
  • Convincing corrupters
  • Deceptive illustrators

We’ve seen, heard and survived them before and we can survive them again provided we heed that key advice from those past educators: “Consider the source”: What will They gain? What will I lose?.  Usually, our findings will show -as they have always shown in the past- that the ‘source, the ‘reason’, the reply to ‘why would they do or say this?’ will reveal the truth and answers.

Common sense and truth have always been our allies; existing whether we choose to heed them or not.  History has brought similar concerns into our lives before, and Time will return the same challenges to all succeeding generations. 

Vaccines work!

Roll up your sleeve * Extend your arm * Take the shot * Be a Hero * Save the world!